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Dialects / Varieties

Romani is a cluster of varieties based on a division founded on dialectological criteria which extends far beyond Europe. This original distribution is reflected by the influence of the dominant language of the respective area of origin, as well as the innovations and archaisms shared by the varieties of this region. Existential reasons have forced Roma to migrate for centuries, resulting in the existence of different dialects and varieties in all European countries.

The main focus of the description is on the varieties spoken in Austria and neighbouring countries. Please refer to the bilingual anthology with CD, published in 2003:

Cech, Petra / Fennesz-Juhasz, Christiane / Halwachs, Dieter W. / Heinschink, Mozes F. 2003. E bengali Romni / Die schlaue Romni. Märchen und Lieder der Roma, Klagenfurt: Drava.

Fennesz-Juhasz, Christiane / Heinschink, Mozes F. / Wallaszkovits, Nadja. 2003. O romnije zelenije ... Romenge paramisa taj gila – Frau, du grüne ... Märchen und Lieder der Roma [3 CDs], Graz/Wien: Romani-Projekt CD 3.