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Burgenland-Romani: Text


Narrator: Johann "Kalitsch" Horvath

Origin: Oberwart, Österreich / Austria

Recording: 1969 Oberwart

Source: Phonogrammarchiv der OAW: PhA B 37305 (SH 2000)

Soundfile on:

Fennesz-Juhasz, Christiane / Wogg, Michael / Wallaszkovits, Nadja. 2002. Schun so me phukavav ... Romane pamaristschtscha, phukajiptscha taj gila andar o Burgenland – Hör, was ich erzähle ... Märchen, Erzählungen und Lieder der Roma aus dem Burgenland. Graz/Wien: Romani-Projekt CD 1: track5.

Romani text and German translation published in:

Halwachs, Dieter W. / Gärtner-Horvath, Emmerich / Wogg, Michael. 2000. O rom taj o beng. Romane pamaristscha, phukajiptscha taj gila andar o Burgenland / Der Rom und der Teufel. Märchen, Erzählungen und Lieder der Burgenlandroma. Klagenfurt/Celovec: Drava: 44-47.

English translation: Ulla and Henry Briscoe

O tschoro Rom taj o beng

Sina jefkar jek rom. Sina le deschuduj fatschuvtscha. Taj tschoro gero lo sina, ham sina le hegeduja, t'odolaha ando fosching te cidel gelo. O cilo gav tel phirtscha, taj but maro le dine taj te loj. Meg uso monari nana lo, taj phentscha use peste: "Akan uso monari dschav." Taj kada ande gelo uso monari, o monari ari alo le bare hokoneha. Phentscha leske: "Ma mange cide, roma", phentscha, "use mande bare malea hi!" Phutschla lestar o rom: "So hi? Pa naschtig tuke pomoschinahi?" – "Jaj, jo", phentscha o monari, "use mande o beng al saki epasch rat te elinel!" Hat phentscha o rom: "Aja rat te me ava."

Epaschi rat o rom alo. O monari mit le dija baro maro taj mol taj mas, taj le bengeske lija mit jek hordo schpiritus. Hat kada o beng dikla i hegeduja, phentscha: "Pajtasch", phentscha, "so hi aja?" – "Aja latschi koja hi!" phentscha: "Muk, majd dik, sar tu kheleha!" Taj cidlahi leske dschili.

Del leske o rom o schpiritus te pil. Hat o beng matschilo. Taj kada matschilo, o beng kesdintscha te khelel, taj upro plafond dschalahi, taj le schingenca o cilo plafond mit lelahi. Akan o beng phentscha le romeske: "Mek man te cidel!" Hat o rom phentscha: "Me mekav tut te cidel, ham agun me iste tre naja tel morav, mint afka na dschanes te cidel."

Hat tschil o rom leskere va ando schraufschtok ande. Taj lel asaj baro jerni taj kesdinel leskere va te morel. Phentscha o beng: "Jaj, pajtasch, me na kama buter te siklol i hegeduja te cidel, imar o rat mange ar al!" Phentscha: "Dokla tut morav, dschimeg tu tre ajgeni rateha pisineha, hot te schoha na ajs buter ando molino te elinel." Hat paloda intertschintscha pe, taj o rom ari lija leskere va andar o schraufschtok. Taj akor o beng odole schraufschtokiha naschi gelo.

Taj te na mule, meg te adi dschin.

The Poor Rom and the Devil

Once upon a time there was a Rom who had twelve children. He was very poor, but he had a violin and during the carnival he would go and play it. He had already been around the whole village, he had been given a lot of bread and money too. He had yet to visit the miller, and he said to himself: "Now I must go to the miller." When he tried to enter the miller's house, the miller came out with a large axe. He said to the Rom: "Do not play, Rom! A great misfortune has befallen me." – "What is it?" asked the Rom: "Could I not help you?" – "Oh yes," the miller said, "every midnight the devil comes to me to grind!" Now the Rom said: "Tonight I will stay with you."

At midnight, the Rom arrived. The miller had given him a large loaf of bread, wine and meat, and the Rom had with him a barrel of alcohol for the devil. Now when the devil saw the violin, he asked: "Friend, what is that?" – "That is a good thing," he said: "You will soon see how you will dance!" And he played him a song.

Now the Rom gave him some of the alcohol to drink. And the devil got drunk. When he was drunk, the devil began to dance. He jumped up to the ceiling, and with his horns he tore down the whole ceiling. Then the devil said to the Rom: "Let me play!" The Rom replied: "I will let you play. But first I need to file your claws, otherwise you cannot play."

Now the Rom clamped the devil's hands in the vice. He took a large file and began to file his hands. Then the devil lamented: "Oh, my friend, I no longer want to learn to play the violin, I'm bleeding already!" But the Rom said: "I am going to work on you until you sign with your own blood that you never come back to grind in the mill." The devil signed and the Rom released his hands from the vice. Then the devil left with the vice.

And they lived happily ever after.