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As a dominated minority language, Romani has until now not developed a generally accepted standard language. The homogeneity of Romani becomes manifest both in the language structure and in the shared lexicon of the individual varieties.


Tens of thousands of Roma live in Austria today. It has to be noted that all Roma living on Austrian territory, regardless of their sociopolitical status, are to be considered “Austrian Roma”.

Dialects / Varieties

The description of individual Romani varieties focuses on varieties that are spoken in Austria. The majority of these are also spoken in other European countries.



We offer downloads of articles on Roma and Romani as well as the working reports of the [romani] Project. Furthermore, we offer information on book series on Romani edited by the research unit Plurilingualism.


The [romani] Project has prepared specific information and resources on the language and culture of the Roma in various sub-projects. You can find brief descriptions of the individual projects and links to the project webpages here.


Links to cooperation partners such as the Manchester [romani] Project and partner organisations as well as to webpages of international organisations and various Roma NGOs.